BCL2DB is a database-backed web resource on the BCL-2 protein group that contains information and tools for sequence-structure-function analysis. It will enable researchers to readily retrieve BCL-2 sequences, their related information and obtain data of relevance to them. The database contains information for cellular and viral BCL-2 homologous proteins as well as for classical BH3-only proteins. Moreover, BCL2DB has been designed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to incorporate other proteins of interest such as other BH3-containing proteins and viral BCL-2-related proteins. In the long run, BCL2DB will serve as an integrated platform incorporating all "-omics" data sets for formulating experimentally testable hypotheses.

The database is developed by the CRCL and PRABI in collaboration with Dr Abdel Aouacheria at the MCFE of ISEM, UMR 5554.


If you use BCL2DB in your work, please cite:

BCL2DB: database of BCL-2 family members and BH3-only proteins
Rech de Laval V., Deléage G., Aouacheria A., Combet C.
Database (Oxford), 2014, bau013.


Scientific advisory board

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